Our Maltese Stud Dog Rocky is Healthy & Happy 5 Year Old. Rocky's Maltese Puppies Have Grown Into Active and Playful Adult Dogs. Rocky is an APRI Purebred Pedigree White Point Maltese from a Champion Bloodline.

Maltese Standard

Maltese originating from Malta, Italy are known as Toy Breeds and average 4 to 7 pounds with a mantle of long pure white silky hair, (black points) nose and lips with round soft eyes, a tapered muzzle and feathered low set ears.

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Maltese Dog Temperament

Maltese have a gentle and affectionate nature making them loving companions. Although being a small breed, they are athletic, playful, and adventurous. Maltese crave attention and do not like to be left alone or being ignored.

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Maltese Dog's Coat

Maltese single coat is a long mantle of silky white hair. Hair on the dog's head can be tied up in a topknot or left hanging. Brushing & grooming is required every other day to prevent knotting if you allow the coat to grow.

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APRI Registered Purebred Maltese Available for Stud Service: