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Panicking Kiev residents yearn for early ceasefire, return to peace******

Air raid sirens wailing across Kiev are awakening residents in the Ukrainian capital to the bleak reality of an ongoing military operation that is dangerously close.

For the past three days, residents have been going on a nerve-wracking trip to-and-fro between bomb shelters, grocery stores and their apartments as fears of imminent danger are compounded by anxiety over food shortages and risks of COVID-19 infection.

Iryna, a 28-year-old local who only gave her first name, told a Xinhua correspondent that she was horrified at the sound of bombing and shelling during the day, and was planning to stay in her windowless bathroom overnight in case of further air strikes.

The city of some 3 million people, once a hub of bustling activities, has been plunged into chaos since Day One of Russia's military operation on Thursday.

According to the latest information released by the two sides, multiple military targets across Ukraine were under attack; fighting was reported across several fronts; explosions were heard at Boryspil International Airport and other places across the city.

Sleep has been a luxury for many locals who stayed up all night fearing that they might miss the sirens and end up alone in the danger zone.

Oksana, a 40-year-old manager, who also only gave her first name, said she was hiding in an underground parking area following a siren on Day One, and has kept her bag at the door ever since.

"Like all people in my country, I am scared. I do not understand when and how this will end. It has been only one day of the war, but it seems to me that it has been a month. I hope that all of this can somehow be stopped," Oksana said.

In downtown Kiev, the local bus system, subway, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and hotels were still running normally. However, operations in private shops and bookstores had ground to a halt due to curfews and air raids.

Long lines snaked outside of gas stations, water stations, supermarkets and ATMs as people scrambled to withdraw money and stock up on supplies.

Anna, 37, who also only gave her first name, told Xinhua that sales in her cosmetics stores in Kiev had dropped by 40 percent in the past month due to heightened tensions.

Not planning to leave the city because her children are still in school, she hoped that life could return to normal as soon as possible.

As some of Kiev's residents rushed into nearby churches and subway stations in a desperate attempt to avoid artillery fire, others were reportedly seen leaving the city on foot along the highway, carrying children, pets and suitcases.

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, around 100,000 people had fled their homes within Ukraine and several thousand more had left the country since the conflict erupted.

Refugee High Commissioner Filippo Grandi had voiced serious concern over the rapid deterioration of the situation as military operations unfolded across Ukraine.

"I hope that the Ukrainian society and leaders will remain cool and devoted to the strategic interests of Ukraine," a Kiev resident said. "I would like to believe that we will have enough composure and wisdom to overcome this."

轨迹公布!西安市再增1例本土确诊病例 为此前公布病例同航班人员******














文/西安报业全媒体记者 高瑞



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UK reports first case of death due to Omicron******


People queue to get their booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at a center near Northwich, Britain, yesterday.。

At least one person has died in the United Kingdom after contracting the Omicron coronavirus variant, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said yesterday, the first publicly confirmed death globally from the swiftly spreading strain.。

Since the first Omicron cases were detected on November 27 in Britain, Johnson has imposed tougher restrictions and on Sunday cautioned that the variant could overcome the immune defences of those inoculated with two shots of vaccines.。

Britain gave no details on the death other than the person had been diagnosed in hospital. It was not clear if the patient had been vaccinated or had underlying health issues.。

Deaths from Omicron may have occurred in other countries but none has been publicly confirmed yet outside Britain.。

"Sadly at least one patient has now been confirmed to have died with Omicron," Johnson told reporters at a vaccination center in London.。

"So I think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus – I think that's something we need to set (to) one side – and just recognize the sheer pace at which it accelerates through the population," Johnson added.。

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the variant now accounted for 44 percent of infections in London and would be the dominant strain in the capital within 48 hours. New Omicron infections are estimated at 200,000 per day, Javid said.。

Before the death was announced, Britain said 10 people had been hospitalized with Omicron in various parts of England. Their ages ranged from 18 to 85 years and most had received two vaccination doses.。

The UK Health Security Agency said Omicron, first detected in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong in late November, can overcome the immunity of those who have had two shots of vaccines such as AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech.。

South Africa's health ministry said it was unable to say with certainty if any of its COVID-19 deaths were caused by Omicron as deaths were not broken down by variant.。

The World Health Organization said on Sunday that while preliminary findings from South Africa suggest Omicron may be less severe than the Delta variant.。

All cases reported in Europe have been mild or asymptomatic, and remains unclear to what extent Omicron may be inherently less virulent.。

Johnson, now grappling with a rebellion in his party over measures to curb Omicron and an outcry over staff parties at his Downing Street office during last year's lockdowns, said people should rush to get booster vaccines to protect "our freedoms and our way of life."

He has also been criticized for overseeing mistakes in transferring patients into care homes, and for building a costly test-and-trace system that failed to stop a deadly second wave.。

Johnson has repeatedly said that while mistakes were made, the government was making decisions swiftly in the biggest public health crisis for generations and that it was quick to roll out vaccines.。

More than 146,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United Kingdom.。

Asked if he could rule out tougher restrictions in England before Christmas, Johnson avoided giving a direct answer. His health minister, Javid, said he knew of no plans for additional measures.。

"There are no plans that I am aware of for any further restrictions," Javid said.。





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