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CBA Roundup: Shenzhen beats Qingdao, Ningbo suffers 9th straight defeat******

ZHUJI, China, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Shenzhen Aviators enjoyed their third win in a row after a narrow 98-97 victory over the Qingdao Eagles, while the Ningbo Rockets suffered their ninth straight defeat after losing to the Beijing Royal Fighters 95-79 in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) on Friday.。

Qingdao's young center Gao Shiao, who made a triple-double with 14 points, 10 rebounds and a career-high 10 blocks in the previous game, was limited to two points and seven rebounds by national team player Shen Zijie. Shenzhen dominated in the paint, taking an early 30-23 lead after the first quarter.。

However, Qingdao soon cut the deficit to one point at half-time and managed to lead 78-75 in the third quarter thanks to their performance behind the arc. Both teams exchanged the lead in the last quarter before Shenzhen won by one point thanked to Shen's crucial dunk.。

Shen had a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds, while his teammate Askia Booker scored a game-high 37 points. Zhao Tailong led Qingdao with 22 points. Despite scoring 18 three-pointers in the game, it was still not enough for Qingdao to avoid its second straight loss.。

Ningbo remained winless in its debut CBA season after eight rounds, but still tied with the Royal Fighters 25-25 in the first quarter due to the latter's turnovers. From the second quarter onwards, Beijing started to build the lead and eventually sealed a comfortable victory.。

"It was a challenging game. Those guys played hard, they put everything on the court," said Beijing head coach Stephon Marbury.。

"We had 20 turnovers. This is unacceptable against a team that is bottom of the league right now," he added.。

In other games, the Xinjiang Flying Tigers beat the Nanjing Monkey Kings 92-86, the Shanghai Sharks smashed the Tianjin Pioneers 110-75, and the Guangzhou Loong Lions lost to the Zhejiang Lions 108-103. Enditem。

完成220万人次采样 西安市人民医院440余名核酸采样队员正式回归医疗岗位******





  华商报记者 李琳



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Some 27 people feared dead after blaze at Japan clinic******


Firetrucks and a police car are seen in front of an office building, where a fire broke out in Osaka on December 17, 2021.。

At least 27 people were feareddead after a fire swept through a psychiatry clinic in theJapanese city of Osaka on Friday, and media said police wereinvestigating suspected arson.。

Some 27 people were in cardiopulmonary arrest, an officialat Osaka's city fire department told Reuters, the term used inJapan before a death is officially confirmed. Another person wasinjured, the official said.。

Nine people were confirmed dead at the hospital, broadcaster TVAsahi said.。

Police were investigating suspected arson, including reportsthat a man started the fire in the building, Kyodo News said,citing people involved in the investigation.。

An elderly man brought in a bag that leaked flammable liquidand was ignited, the Yomiuri newspaper said. He was believed tobe a patient at the clinic, the Mainichi newspaper said.。

The fire broke out shortly after the clinic opened forbusiness at 10am (1am GMT) and it was largely extinguishedwithin 30 minutes, public broadcaster NHK reported.。

Video from NHK showed smoke pouring out of the windows ofthe fourth floor, where the clinic was located, as well as theroof of the multi-story office building. Footage later showedthe windows, blackened and charred.。

"When I looked outside I saw orange flames in thefourth-floor window of the building. A woman was waving herhands for help from the sixth-floor window," a 36-year-old womanwho works at a company nearby told Kyodo.。

Located in a shopping and entertainment district not farfrom Osaka's main train station, the building also houses abeauty salon, a clothes shop and an English-language school, NHKsaid.。

The father of a doctor who ran the clinic was not able toreach his son by mobile phone, he told the Yomiuri newspaper.。

"Around noon I heard there was news of a fire on televisionand was surprised. My wife went to the site but we still don'tknow what's going on. I can't get through to my son's phone."

The clinic's webpage was not accessible but an Internetarchive from earlier this year showed it treated patients fordepression and panic problems, as well as physical issues suchas sleep apnea and anemia.。

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