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Is A Maltese The Right Dog For You?

The Maltese Dog - Is It the Right Dog For You?
This is a question that only you can answer. First, you must decide if you have the time and money to give a Maltese dog a good home. Maltese demand attention from their owners, this is not a dog to leave outside or alone for long periods of time. They will follow you all around house and will need to be next to you, if not wanting to be in your lap. Then, you must take a look at your home situation and decide if the characteristics of a Maltese would mesh with your home and family life. A Maltese dog, when chosen by the correct owner, will provide years of love and entertainment for its human companion.

Pro-The Maltese is Adaptable
Maltese dogs make great dogs regardless of where you live, whether you live in a cabin in the middle of the woods, a home in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city. They are very adaptable animals, and are very active regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. As long you can give your Maltese a daily walk, you can live with them just about anywhere.

Pro-The Maltese Is Good with Children
Maltese dogs are very gentle, playful animals who are always eager to please. This is an important quality because some dog breeds are notorious for not getting along with small children. If you have small children in your home, a Maltese will make a wonderful companion for them. However, there is one caveat to this statement. Prior to bringing a Maltese into your home, you must make sure that your child understands that Maltese dogs, like other toys dogs, are delicate and can be easily hurt through roughhousing. It's up to you to determine if your child is mature enough to play with the Maltese in a non-aggressive manner.

Pro-The Maltese Is Intelligent and Lovable
Maltese dogs are definitely on the higher end of the intelligence scale, and you'll find that training them to obey basic commands is a relatively easy task. The Maltese are quick to catch on what they're supposed to do, and they're eager to please you as much as possible. They are also very loving companions who will always be by your side.

maltese coat

Con-The Maltese Can Be High Maintenance
Unfortunately, Maltese dogs have a reputation for being more high-maintenance than the average dog. Taking care of this dog's hair, which can drag on the floor if not cut on a regular basis, is much more work than with the average dog. Many owners alleviate this burden by giving their dog a “puppy cut,” which is typically about the length their hair was then they were puppies. The Maltese dog needs a good hair brushing on a daily basis, because they are prone to getting mats and knots in their hair. Maltese dogs also need to be trimmed on a regular basis because their hair grows fast! The Maltese can also be a bit picky about the food they eat, so be prepared to cater a little to your dog's needs and preferences.

Requirements of the Maltese
All dogs require a good, clean home, regular feedings and plenty of tender, loving care. However, specific breeds have specific needs, and the Maltese is no exception. Here are a few factors you should consider before inviting a Maltese into your home.

Tear Stains
The Maltese are prone to tear staining, where their coat becomes stained with excretions from their mouth and eyes. Their mouth should always be washed after they eat to help prevent this, and there are various treatments on the market to restore their vibrant color and deter them from excessive licking. Artificial coloring should also be avoided in food as that can contribute to the problem. Buy premium food that does not contain corn or wheat as their main ingredients. Also Wipe excess tearing from under dog's eyes.

The Maltese is a Fragile Dog
It's important to remember that the Maltese is not a rough-and-tumble dog. These tiny animals often weigh less than ten pounds, so gentleness is of the utmostĀ  importance when handling them. It's also very important not to allow the Maltese to become obese by giving them too many treats or not allowing them enough exercise, because they are prone to joint problems which will only be exacerbated by excess weight.

The Maltese Has a Mind of His Own
Finally, anyone who owns a Maltese must be willing to accept the fact that this a breed that has a mind of its own. Although they are very intelligent and generally eager to please, they also can fall into their own way of doing things. A Maltese dog can easily take over the household if he is not shown who's boss. Don't worry about putting him in his place, because all dogs are pack animals and desire to know their place in the pack. If you don't show this to your Maltese, he will naturally assume that he rules the roost, which will result in a very spoiled, ill-tempered dog.

The Final Word
Like any other dog, owning a Maltese has its high and low points. However, with enough patience, disciplineand gentle, loving care, they will blossom into one of the most loving companions a human could ever ask for.