Rocky is a Pedigree APRI Purebred Maltese Stud Dog Living a Healthy, Happy, Active Lifestyle. Rocky is 8lbs & Current on All Shots. We Charge a Flat Fee of $350 for Our Maltese Stud Mating Service in the Las Vegas & Henderson Area.

APRI Registered Purebred Maltese Stud Dog is Available for a $350 Maltese Stud Fee.

Purebred Rocky APRI Registered Maltese Stud Dog
Our handsome 8 lb. male purebred Maltese stud dog is currently registered with APRI. Rocky was born in January 2012, and is current with all his shots, Vet exams, and papers. Rocky is a happy, healthy, and very high energy active Maltese Stud Dog. We bath him once a week, cut his nails, clean ears, and brush or trim him as needed. Rocky is very fertile and has had 4 litters already; (3 Maltese, 1 maltipoo). All puppy photos on site are from rocky's litters. He loves the ladies and is not picky on different breeds, Your female dog just needs to be under 10 lbs and Minimum 2 years old.

Maltese Stud Dog Service
If your interested in our Maltese Stud Dog Service, we require for you to drop off your dog at our home and would need 6-8 hours or overnight for them to successfully mate at least 3+ times. We will take good care of your dog, please provide a cup of her current dog food. We provide an area in the house where they can do their mating and we have a large gated backyard for them to play or do their business. Female dog's are ready in the 2nd week of their heat cycle. If you need a Maltese stud dog to breed your current dog with and you will be in the Las Vegas area, please give us a call or text 702-713-2847.

Rocky's Stud Service Guarantee
If your dam doesn't get pregnant, we will gladly provide a 1 time return Maltese Stud Service for free. Just inform us within 30 days from their mating date, and have your dam do a checkup by your local vet. Please note that miscarriage of the litter is not qualified for the return mating service.

How to Tell if Your Dog is in Heat?
The female will have 3 stages of their heat cycle, with each stage lasting a week each. The first stage is called proestrus, The females vulva will look swollen or larger than normal. She will start to urinate more often and have a bloody vaginal discharge. Her behavior might change to be jumpy or on edge. In this stage, she may hold her tail close to her body and shows no signs of wanting to breed, she will even growl or fight back with a male if he tries to mount her. The second stage is called estrus, this is when she's ready to breed. Usually 7-10 days after first sign of heat, The vaginal discharge changes from bloody to a clear or brownish discharge. You may also see your dog start “flagging” which she will move her tail to the side or lifting her butt higher in air, making herself available to a male dog. The third and final stage is diestrus. During this stage your dog vaginal discharge will go away and her vulva will slowly shrink back to normal size. Some females will still allow a male to mount her, but the chances of pregnancy dramatically reduces.